Campaign Summaries

The Tale of Likas the Bard – Pt.14

As Bellerose, Nessa and Jack ran up to her to help, I looked around the room. It was a stark, empty room, the only thing worth mentioning being the poor girl trapped within. There were two doors, the one we had just come through and one opposite it, wooden and old but still solid looking. I proceeded ahead to scout while everyone else was distracted, determined to redeem myself after the embarrassing incident with Nessa on the road. The door opened without a sound. Eli, Nevyn and our humble cleric stayed, not realizing I was going on ahead or jsut not caring.

The hallway stretched on for forty feet or so and then forked into a T. Sneaking as quietly as I could, I came to the corner and and peeked around. There, coming from both directions was a horde of creatures and demons closing in rapidly.

“Excuse me, my noble friends. I know I am not one to ask for it often but I do require your assistance.” Not hearing anything but the monstrosities that were about to surround me, I shouted over my shoulder “I NEED SOME HELP HERE!” Turning to run for the door, I caught a quick glimpse of Eli, his hair blown back by the force of the fireball that engulfed me and everything around me. Collapsing to the floor, by body burned almost beyond recognition, I got the feeling we were in a little bit of trouble.

“Who will tell your tale when I am gone?” I whispered through scorched lips.


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