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Time flies when… life happens

*dusts off the screen and keyboard*

… and I’m back. It’s been a little while, but life can sometimes move faster than we expect. Let’s see, my last post was a little over two years ago. A fair bit has happened. Made a trip to Boston for Pax East 2014, Continue reading

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Almost there

Just a quick one today. Just cracked 37.5k words and the end is in sight. With only 4 days left I have about 3,100 a day to write but I am determined not to give up. I want to try and hit 42k tomorrow. At the very worst  I will be sprinting my butt off Friday afternoon when I am finished work to bring it down to the wire.


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Another day, another 1,667 words…

…or in my case, about 2,000. I have been falling a bit behind in my NoNoWriMo so far this month, but still can easily reach the 50,000 words to be declared a winner. My lovely girlfriend is hovering at about 31,000 words at the moment, but writes much fast than I do and will be caught up by morning. I am sitting at 33,000 with hopefully another thousand words in me for tonight. Daily updates as we are now just about into the last full week of November.

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Day One: All seems quite on this front

First day into NaNoWriMo, and I have broken my first thousand words. I have tweaked little things here and there but am following a few cardinal rules this year. First and foremost, my internal editor is turned off until December 1st. No going back and revising small sections unless they really need it to make things flow. No deleting anything, moving it around to work it in somewhere else, yes, but no deleting. Last year I got distracted and discouraged, the year before I was able to use the “I have exams so it is okay I didn’t finish” excuse. This year is the year. I am concentrating on the small goals. That being 1,667 words of progress each and every day.

I am writing something a little different this year. The last 2 years I have tried my hand at fantasy novels, to varying degrees of success. The problem is that I have had these in mind for a while before NaNoWriMo and most are based off of Dungeons and Dragons characters of mine. I found it hard to write about that because I did not want to just rehash old campaigns onto paper, but also I had a lot invested in these characters and did not want to change them.

This year I am starting fresh with a Sci-fi novel, and making up the characters, their strengths and flaws as I go, and how best they can fit the story. To be honest, I have no idea where this story will take me. I have about a dozen ideas bouncing around in my head and am taking bits and pieces from each.

To top it all off, I also have an extra source of motivation this year. My wonderful girlfriend is taking part as well, so now I am not just writing to get my 1,667 a day and call it quits, but it will drive us both to keep ahead of one another and hopefully spur on our creative processes.

This was intended to be a short post, but I will end it now, as I still have about another 600 words to write this evening.

Good luck to everyone! 

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Once more unto the breach, dear friends…

Once more November bears down upon us, and with it, the beast that is NaNoWriMo. For those who don’t know, November is National Novel Writing Month. This will be my third year participating, and I have decided to blog about my adventure this year. Last year I did not come anywhere close to “winning”. I got to about 8,000 of the 50,000 word goal.

Posts will be short and sweet, as I will be focusing 90% of my attention on my novel, and as much as I can spare on the new bundle of fluff that I acquired two weeks ago. Picture attached.


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A Bard in every home…

A lazy Sunday afternoon, making pancakes on the stove, prepping steaks for dinner. There has never been a better time to let you know why every party should have a Bard!

Now I know what you are most likely thinking, that Bard’s are the annoying, tights wearing, lute wielding cannon fodder that every party dreads. Personally, I love Bards. I love playing them and having my players be them.  There is the country bumpkin Bard that everyone has come to loath, with their annoying voice constantly ringing in your ears. However, there are much more that can be done with this class other than make your party members want to throw you to the wolves.  As arcane casters, in D&D 3.5 Bard’s get a wide variety of spells that when used inventively can be the difference between life and death of a party.  This is also such a case in 4.0 and the Bard’s abilities seem to be more effective.

As for character backgrounds, there is so much choice to be had other than the court Jester. Cross-class into rouge to gain extra damage and sneak attack and be the grizzled old scout who it always entertaining his companions with stories of legends and adventures of the ages. Have your cleric cross class with Bard and you can be the devout that leads everyone in sermons on each and every holy day.  I have played Bard’s many a time in the past and had a blast playing them. The trick is to play how YOU want to, now how your party wants you to.

If you have never played a Bard before, I strongly encourage you to make your next character one!

On a slightly different note, a story next post!